The Power Of The US Concord Grape

Concord grapes

They may be small, but our grapes are packed full of goodness. At Welch's, we believe that they can help you live a vibrant life, feel great and squeeze every delicious moment out of your day!

We're proud to offer a variety of products that address the nutrition needs of today's families. At the heart of Welch's is our 100% Grape Juice made with our US Concord grapes.

So why is the US Concord grape so special?

The US Concord grape is far from ordinary. This little purple fruit (and its cousin the white Niagara grape) packs a mighty nutritional punch.

What's behind the nutrition power of US Concord grapes?

Welch's 100% Grape Juice is made with whole US Concord grapes – skin, seeds, the lot – and contains no added sugar, colour or flavouring. Available in stores across the country in family-sized containers, Welch's 100% Purple Grape Juice makes it easy to squeeze in more purple fruit each day as part of your diet for the whole family.

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Overall health

Getting enough fruits and vegetables each day is important for overall health. A diet rich in a wide variety of colourful fruits and vegetables ensures the broadest range of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant nutrients.

Drinking the right amount of 100% juice made with US Concord grapes is a smart way to add purple fruit to the diet. And remember, a healthy lifestyle, including eating right and being physically active at a young age can go a long way to keeping your heart healthy well into the future.

Welch's Purple Grape Juice gains seal of approval from HEART UK

H•E•A•R•T UK, a leading cholesterol charity, has officially recognised Welch's Purple Grape Juice for its abundant antioxidant properties and role in promoting heart health. It is the first time a 100% pure and unsweetened juice has received the coveted H•E•A•R•T UK approval.

The recognition by H•E•A•R•T UK follows review of the growing body of data on Welch's Purple Grape Juice which shows many potential health benefits. Research supports drinking American Concord Purple Grape Juice to help promote a healthy heart and healthy arteries. Preliminary research suggests it promotes heart and arterial health in part by protecting LDL, or ‘bad', cholesterol from harmful interaction with free radicals to slow oxidation . Many researchers believe this oxidation of LDL cholesterol contributes to the build-up of plaque in the arteries. Research supports the fact that Welch's Purple Grape Juice not only has potent antioxidant capacity in vivo but in the body as well.